Enterprise Business Solutions

Business Technology Solutions

Enterprise Business Services

Brentwood Wireless provides enterprise level technology services for small, mid-sized and Fortune 500 businesses.

We are leaders in customizing a solution to meet your needs.  Whatever your current or growing IT infrastructure needs are, it’s our mission to work together to understand your company and business objectives, determine how you will scale and grow, and provide you a complete, turnkey solution.  After installation, all completed by Brentwood Wireless, we provide post sale customer support and service.

Next Steps

  • Onsite discovery session to discuss your needs
  • Evaluate current and future IT technology goals
  • Review your budget target
  • Formalize your Scope of Work
  • Sign offs and begin installation work
  • Post-sale client service and support

Our Solutions

Cloud Services

Brentwood Wireless offers a robust cloud services offering suited to any business.  Based on your current infrastructure setup, we provide a higher level of security and reliability than you might be getting from your current setup.  Our cloud solutions are customized, scalable and flexible.

Our approach is to oversee and manage your entire hybrid cloud-based computing infrastructure.  That includes both public clouds and data centers.  Our technology allows you to handle workloads quickly and easily.  You’ll have the flexibility to move from on-premise and off-premise environments based on your needs.


  • Enterprise-grade quality
  • Hardware and labor costs are priced to meet your budget
  • Custom solutions based on delivering high-level performance and security
  • Safe and secure in our data centers
  • Redundancy backup for outages
  • The highest level of security software
  • Colocation


We manage your IT activity with high performance data centers where 24/7 support is guaranteed.  We’ll manage your applications and systems so you can run your company business.  Our facilities offer reliability, performance, and power to protect  your data and IT infrastructure.  Need to scale as your business grows?  No problem.


  • Minimize expenses of doing it yourself
  • 24/7, around-the-clock monitoring
  • Redundant power backup
  • Custom solutions based on your company size

Managed Services

Brentwood Wireless provides a variety of managed service solutions to accommodate your needs.  Business continuity and security are the primary goal of establishing your managed services solutions.  We work to ensure you’ll receive the highest service level agreements.  We will customize a managed service offering based on your cloud, co-location or custom IT configuration.


  • Managed network, servers and security
  • Managed email, Microsoft Office 365
  • Work place recovery areas
  • Help desk
  • Managed cloud, database and backup
  • Enterprise hosting
  • DRaaS, DDoS Protection

Security and Compliance

Brentwood Wireless understands the increasing demand for state-of-the-art security.  We deal with it every day in both the consumer and business marketplace.  We focus exclusively on mitigating and lowering your risk level to zero offering you the peace of mind and confidence you deserve.  With the growing threats and intrusion of sensitive and private data, we provide iron-clad solutions above and beyond what you currently may be using.


  • Affordable plans
  • We comply with your internal, company regulatory guidelines
  • Cyber-security onsite training
  • Secure environments for data and other traffic
  • Outage recovery attack solutions
  • Firewall and software licensing

Disaster Recovery

Brentwood Wireless offers disaster recovery solutions that focus directly on protecting your applications and data. This covers a broad spectrum including natural disaster recovery, human-error, and IP protection.  You’ll enjoy the ability to select a plan that suits your level of risk tolerance and company size.


  • Offerings for cloud, co-location or on-premises data centers
  • Work directly with your compliance, audit and risk management requirements
  • Preserve your intellectual property
  • Data center redundancy for backup and replication destination options
  • Recovery for failover, failback testing services and self-serve testing tools
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Custom solutions
  • Workplace recovery

Let’s Get To Work!

Enterprise Business Solutions

Chad Hester – VP, Sales