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Back End Technology

Device Leasing

You shouldn’t be paying through the nose to make sure your people have the latest tech.  We’ve found a way to minimize your up-front costs and give your people the shiniest, newest tech. It’s called Device Leasing. And it’s exactly what you think it is.

SIP Trunking

Voice, video and data – all through a single IP connection.  It’s the streamlined, low-cost way to communicate and collaborate – and it adds up to a lot of great things.  Say goodbye to costly physical trunks and hello to improved network scalability, efficiency and cost effectiveness.


  • Unify your company’s data, voice and video traffic over a single IP connection – from virtually any location
  • Minimize your total cost of ownership with centralized trunking – reducing your total number of voice circuits, and eliminating the cost of traditional voice equipment and services
  • Integrate with Mobile Devices – VoIP can pass between PBX and mobiles as on-net traffic
  • Get real-time Class of Service at no additional charge
  • Experience true aggregation of network capabilities, and the ability to burst up to 125% of your contracted number of trunks during high traffic times

MPLS & Dedicated Internet Access


  • Global data delivery with the lowest-possible latency and jitter
  • A congestion-free IP core that runs at 40% capacity, so customers don’t run into road blocks.
  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreements that credit monthly charges in full if we fail to meet our standards
  • Class of Service Flexibility that lets you prioritize your most important traffic whether its voice, data, video
  • Global MPLS and DIA support for IPv4, IPv6 and Dual Stack
  • Online management through our own tool, Sprint Compass

Managed Network Solutions

Leave it to our experts and we’ll manage, improve and optimize your network – while you help your people get more done.  Tap into our industry-recognized technical expertise to keep your networks operating at peak efficiency and performance.


  • We’ll work with you to find a solution that works for your people – and your IT budget
  • Help you move from what you have now to a complete unified communications architecture
  • Simplified design, implementation and management of complex wireless and wireline converged solutions – including a Unified Communications infrastructure
  • Access to a worldwide network supporting instant communication and collaboration in 155 countries
  • Cost savings from increased network efficiencies and availability
  • Comprehensive, round-the-clock surveillance, backed by over 25 years of network security solutions expertise
  • Professional expertise in IP convergence, wireless and security
  • Proactive software upgrades and maintenance
  • Global experience and reach – our Managed Network Solutions are available in 155 countries

Managed Security

You want to spend your time innovating and providing business value, not running around plugging security holes. That’s where Managed Security comes in. We make the security stuff easy to manage, allowing you to focus on what your business does best.


  • Simplify security management with our intuitive Unified Threat Management solution
  • Streamline compliance with data regulations and collect, store, and manage data logs
  • Proactively protect your network with a powerful vulnerability monitoring service
  • Minimize long-term vulnerabilities and comprehensively assess business security needs
  • Automate network security and let our security experts remotely monitor your environment
  • Leverage cloud-based security solutions that protect Internet infrastructure from Distributed Denial of Service attacks

Business Continuity

When an outage or disaster strikes, you can’t afford to let it impact your day-to-day operations. So if you’re going to minimize downtime, you need an effective back-up strategy in place.


  • Wireless Wan back-up
  • Managed Wi-Fi solution capabilities for multiple devices
  • Internet access parsed out from the public Wi-Fi network for increased security
  • Secure, PCI-compliant networks for retailers and lottery systems
  • Failover solutions for point of sale – you never have to worry about downtime, or your POS not working
  • Enhanced wireless data and voice capacity due to modernized network hardware and software
  • Reduction of blocked voice calls during mass calling events

Secure Mobile Access

Sprint Data Link™ helps your employees access mission-critical business information on their mobile devices – over a private wireless network.  But it’s also an invaluable solution for setting up everything from kiosks, temporary offices and lottery terminals, to wire line backup, remote monitoring and home healthcare.


  • 99.9% availability guarantee
  • Support for a vast array of 3G and 4G-capable devices
  • Whether you have M2M applications, handsets or tablets, we’ll assign the same IP address to a device each time it authenticates and accesses the Internet, so you can track and manage them easily
  • Provide you with a contiguous, sequential range or block of IP addresses, so you can easily deploy devices and configure firewalls

Business Wi-Fi

Nothing damages productivity like unreliable Wi-Fi. For your people to access the emails, documents and people they need, a stable, high-performing Wi-Fi network is an absolute must-have.  Business Wi-Fi gives you everything you need to keep your organization connected. No fuss, no elaborate setup and no up-front costs. Just really great Wi-Fi for a simple monthly payment.


  • Smart Wi-Fi Access Points: providing better range, stronger signal and higher data rates
  • Purpose-built network security appliances that keep your data and your people safe
  • No up-front costs, just a simple monthly payment
  • Complete installation—from survey and design, to service monitoring and maintenance
  • Guest Wi-Fi networks to keep your private data confidential

Plans For Devices

Rather than force you into a device or plan that doesn’t fit, we’ll help you choose the hardware and data packages that let you run your business your way.  When your data allowance is shared between your people, everyone can use the amount they need, whenever they need it. Designed to fit a growing business perfectly, these plans deliver more choice, simplicity and value.

Next Steps
Brentwood Wireless is ready to provide you a comprehensive overview of how these products and services can benefit your business and contribute to your bottom line revenue.  Contact Us today!

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