Business Automation


Business Automation

What is Business Automation?

It’s technology connecting your assets, devices and people. It’s that simple.

Insurance Telematics

Insurance Telematics are mobile solutions providing your business insightful driving data.   You can evaluate and monitor driving behavior and keep an eye on all of your vehicles, from your desktop or a smartphone.  By implementing smarter driver behavior, your company costs go down.


  • Minimize risk with real-time feedback after each trip
  • Provide coaching tips on driving behavior with and easy-to-use smartphone app
  • Recognize good driving behavior by viewing driving patterns
  • Create rewards programs to recognize safe and productive behavior
  • Analyze vehicle health, idling, high speed, and acceleration patterns and share it with each driver

Mobile Point of Sale

Mobile Point of Sales is quit simply payments, sales, inventory – all rolled in to one.  This technology changes the way you run your company.  You can accept payments virtually anywhere with an intuitive, tablet-based point of sale system.


  • Collect every sale and coordinate it with your most important systems
  • Make the payment process for your customers easy
  • Unleash the power of tablet-based payments
  • Streamline the payment process
  • Link transactions to your sales systems, your inventory and your marketing
  • Align sales to your most important systems with mobile access to CRM, inventory and marketing tools

Digital Signage

How does your business signage stack up?  Let us help.  Our solutions help you deploy in-store marketing to promote your products, create video messages, deliver up-to-the-minute updates and launch mobile ads.  Give your customers a personalized experience every time they visit.


  • Promote your business more effectively
  • Create and manage unique offers and promotions – all in real time
  • Collect customer data to assess audience behavior

Remote Monitoring

Monitoring your most important equipment from a remote location is now commonplace.  A business needs this type of peace of mind.  Popular monitoring and remote diagnostics includes temperature, humidity and equipment performance


  • Always know if your equipment is working
  • Receive alerts if there is a problem
  • Improving your overall security
  • Avoid downtime and avoid risk

Next Steps
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