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Mobile Security Management

Mobility As A Service

We all live in a mobile world.  Does your team have the right mobile devices and more importantly, the support they need to effectively do their job?  Welcome to mobility as a service.  Support for one cost effective, monthly payment on a simple per seat, per month package


  • Coverage for a wide selection of smartphones and tablets
  • Flexible service plans and terms including unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Customer support

Mobile Device Management

You most likely have a variety of device types.  Sometimes it can be difficult to know how secure each of those devices is.  Our solutions give you control to secure each device remotely.  That gives you the peace of mind you deserve and the ability to conduct your business without device concerns.


  • Manage every device, including tablets, smartphones,  laptops, and printers, from one location
  • Real time monitoring
  • Create security policies based on different user profiles
  • Make compliance simple with password configuration, storage encryption and automated permissions

Secure Workplaces

Employees often use the same smartphone at home and at work.  Who keeps those devices safe along with personal information private?  Secure Workspaces helps you divide work and personal content and applications.  As a result you will have a new method ensuring team members get to use their devices they love and your company gets to maintain the security it needs.


  • Automated device configuration so your users can self-enroll without IT’s help every time
  • Ensure no one has access to the apps or data they don’t need
  • Containerized work data and applications so you can isolate your users’ access to browsing, email, calendars and contacts for work
  • Keep everyone productive and protected while they’re at work
  • Streamlined compliance with customizable terms of use, simplified agreement tracking and compliance reporting organized by specific contracts for different roles and contracts

Mobile Application Management

Mobility management is all about data and users.  We focus on your ability to monitor, manage and secure mobile applications is central to your people’s success and freedom.


  • Make sure your team can access the applications they need on any device they need to
  • Gives you the ability to manage that access securely and remotely, at scale
  • Analyze the reputation of every app
  • Create compliance policies for each user
  • Use app wrapping to secure third party apps without the need for any extra coding
  • Create a consolidated app store full of apps that have been approved and secure
  • Encrypt and backup your data with compliance tracking

Mobile Content Management

Instead of restricting your team’s ability to access and upload content from wherever they are, the smart thing to do is to secure their access.  We help give your people anytime, anywhere access to your company’s most sensitive content with all the security and monitoring you need to successfully manage that content.


  • Create security policies so each user has a detailed set of guidelines to access, upload and edit content based on who they are, what they do and what device they use
  • Password-protect user access to content on every major mobile platform, desktop device and web-based application
  • Monitor user activity with reports and real-time dashboards
  • Update and revise policies whenever you need to

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